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tv   WGN Midday News  CW  December 2, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm CST

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he was one of five men and wrongly convicted and imprisoned in a 1991 rape and murder. now one of the onedixmoor five has suffered another setback in his effort to have the conviction by up his record. >> good morning i'm steve sanders. and i am dina bair. thank you to all of our viewers who are watching us today. good afternoon robert beil of
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the five men romney convicted of a 1991 rape and murder leads to the court room up said today. he wants this wiped off of his record. >> i have to keep coming here every week i do not have the money for a lawyer like that i dislike a chance like everyone else. >> he traveled to chicago to see a judge to have this conviction removed from this record. in november 1991 a 14 year-old girl disappeared and weeks later her body was found on a path she was raped and shot in the face. at the time she was 15 years old and confessed to the crime he was released in 2002. but this
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spring dna at midday in its pigs on the rated the menexonerated the men . his attorney disagrees. >> 3 of your co-defendants had their convictions vacated. and you cannot have yours and vacated because you already served your time. you may be innocent but there is nothing they can do to help you that is just ridiculous. >>beil's former co-defendants were in court to show support for him. they feel he deserves to have his conviction vacated and received a fresh start. >> tweet received 80 years he
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did not want to do that much time so he did what he had to do we are not mad at him. >> the judge asked his attorney to come back to court on the 12th of this month to bring examples of prior cases to see if he will qualify for this petition. >> in another hearing is scheduled today in connection with next zero weeks sentencing of former gov. robert blair. the judge will hear last-minute arguments and any unfinished business from his attorney. he is not expected to appear in court today but earlier this week prosecutors asked the judge to impose a sentence of 15-20 years for the former governor's
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multiple corruption convictions. defense attorneys argued for him saying the governor is a good and decent man. >> the house ethics committee says it will continue to investigate whether there is a connection between congressmen and jesse jackson jr. and probably fitch's corruption case. the panel is looking into whether jackson acted improperly when he tried to get the appointment to president obama said senate seat. federal prosecutors say x governor robert blair pitched angled to hand to seek to jackson in exchange for one and a half million dollars in campaign donations by his supporters. >> the chicago city council is black and hispanic caucuses will meet again at this afternoon to try and reach an agreement on a new city ward map. technically
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last night was the deadline to produce an act that reflects a new elect tour with fewer black and white voters and more hispanic voters. >> we are going to be on the south side and on the north side. >> a new ward map needs the approval of 41 of the 50 aldermen to avert a ballot fight. . >> 3 tow truck driver have been charged with stealing vehicles in selling them for parts. these three men are charged with possession of a stolen vehicle in more charges could be on the way. hidden police cameras caught these privately owned trucks hauling vehicles from the
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streets and crash sites. police say all three men also sold stereo equipment and tires before selling the vehicles to scrap metal companies. >> three teenagers have been charged with robbing a pizza delivery driver on the city's south side. 17 year-old hearon and moore ansdd 18 year-old l ockhart are accused of calling in fake for orders and then rabin drivers at gunpoint when they arrive. the teenagers were arrested tuesday night when they tried to rob an undercover police officer disguised as a delivery man. >> a free train derailed at the height of rush hour this morning causing some delays. the freight train that derailed on a viaduct
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at 47th and archer blocking traffic in the area. chicago fire officials say the train was carrying office supplies and about half a dozen cars that derailed. >> in chicago mother wants to know why her five year-old child walked home from school by himself what he was having an as much tact. kindergartner chr is roszak had an asthma attack well in class yesterday afternoon at his elementary school. his mother says he went to the nurse who told him to gather his belongings because she was going to send him home instead the child left school making the to block trip by himself. and mother says the school did not even notice he was gone until she called them. >> chicago got a preview of
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winter last night. light snow fell down time for it several hours. it did not stick around out a just and that making the streets and wet however this note was a little heavier in the northern suburbs. this is video from highland park area.. >> presidential hopeful herman cain sketches a meeting with his wife amid allegations of a 13 year affair with in other women and. newly released the emergency radio calls show concern before the deadly stage collapse in indiana that killed seven people. >> we will be back with more.
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herman cain says he was just friends with the woman that claims they had a 13 year affair. he now also admits he helped her out financially but never told his wife. atlanta businesswoman ginger white to have an a fair with herman cain. herman cain denies the had a sexual affair but he did give her money for bills. >> it may look bad now why did i tell my wife about this but in retrospect it does not necessarily change what is going on. >> did she know you guys were friends. >> she did not know we were friends until this allegation came out. >> for other women have accused herman cain of sexual harassment when he was head of the national restaurant association in the '90s. herman cain is thinking
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about dropping out of the gop race but before he makes a decision once to meet and talk with his wife face to face. al qaeda is claiming responsibility for the capture of an american in pakistan. 70 year-old warren weinstein works as a development expert fred company. on august 13, 2003 men broke into his home attacked his bodyguards and took him hostage. police said the three suspects had been arrested in connection with the kidnapping. in exchange for warren weinstein release al qaeda leaders are demanding that the u.s. lift the ban on trade between egypt and gaza. also to put an end to the bombing in
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pakistan and they are calling for the release level al qaeda prisoners. >> newly released the emergency radio calls suggest a deadly stage collapsed at a sugarland concert could have possibly been prevented. the stage crashed down at the indiana state fair back in august killing seven people and injuring 40 others. just minutes before the stage toppled over emergency personnel expressed concerns about the severe weather heading toward the concert. >> attorneys for the victims say these recordings prove fair officials did not do enough to protect the crowd appeared fair officials are not commenting on these recordings but say they hired an-together to figure out what happened. >> on that expands its recall over faulty air back to nearly 900,000 vehicles. honda originally be called just over
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600,000 cars over risky airbags. but this morning honda announced it wants to inspect more vehicles for possible faulty insulators in the air bags. >> the vikings the vikingsm release themcnabb who will pick them off
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let's take a look at today's business headlines. the labor department says 20,000 jobs were created last month in the unemployment rate went down to 8.6 that is a two year low. some
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are saying the reason why it went down is because a lot of people are dropping out of the labor force said the headlines may not be as good as they look. the alberto plant be closing in 2013. they will be laying off over 600 and police starting in just a few months a spokesman said employees will be eligible for severance. the man behind deep meadow below upformer ceo got a subpoena to appear in front of the house agricultural department.
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finally the an update on the euro mess. dow may just close above the 12000 mark for this week. >> the chicago tribune is doing its part to give back this holiday season. >> here to tell us more about the annual chicago tribune holiday giving campaign aides toy nny hunter. >> tell us how we can get involved. >> the holiday inn spires us to
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help those in need eric. to contribute and give back to the community. >> palace where the money is going to go education is to this year's funding target. >> we support use education child abuse prevention as well as employment skills for those looking for jobs. >> these holiday campaign funds don't just tell people in this city but in the suburbs as well. >> yes it takes care of the entire metro area in chicago and yes to this year we are focused on education. we have chicago tribune feel that all children deserve an equal chance.
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we think we can help support our great public school system. >> our as has been very generous and passed the years with donations what you think about this year?. >> we found that over the course of many years our readers believe in a strong community and they love to support this type of campaign. the second part is the way the campaign works 100 percent of the donations go to our cause. an individual can give $100 and mccormick match that. >> for people who have not given in the past can you give our viewers a roadmap how they can get involved. >> the best way is to go to our
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web site and find it the community giving a sectionsection. there our eds with in the newspaper we are trying to get this out in front of all of our readers. >> you can also donate by just buying a newspaper. >> on the december you live and we will donate 10 percent of all sales and proceeds from the news stand sales, if you buy a newspaper on sunday you can know that 10 percent of the proceeds will go toward the campaign. also on the same date the 11th
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donated a kia and one lucky winner can win a new vehicle. >> it is a great callsuse thank you. >> thank you very much. >> but next we are going to check up with our battle of the band
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that was last summer when it chicagos own workout music won
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the wgn battle of the bands contest. the band is back with us today we have the lead singer what have you guys been up to. >> we have a show coming up next sunday. >> tell us about the new ep. >> it is eight new songs on the ep a lot of hard work went into the songs. a lot of people do not believe it is thusus. >> do a lot of people think you make work out music?.
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>> this is going to be our second goal off of the record. >> congratulations a year later after winning the contest. >> thank you. [music] [music]
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we have a big storm out west moving this way. >> happy friday to you guys we had the absolutey and beautiful ron this is the 14th consecutive day of the above average temperatures. it has
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been quite a different story snowfall has been a limited. this storm moving in has produced 1,200 mi. of extreme winds yesterday over 200,000 people are without electricity in california due to this wind. we will show you some images of the destruction in just a moment... this is at the beginning of cloudiness for us moving in tomorrow we will have some showers of late tonight but the center of the storm is still back in arizona.
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you can see the clouds moving northward there is a big dome of air developing off the coast of alaska. this will be an interesting winter essayed unfolds at the time it is quite mild it is to 39 degrees in chicago today.
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there will be more cold air moving in, we are going to get much colder in the next couple of weeks. there is no wind at the moment but that will soon change we have winter storm watches in ec yellow areas that is where the snow will fall. the storm will begin to pull its moisture north we should have some showers tonight and into the morning tomorrow. it will rain is steadily
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tomorrow night and into sunday morning. look at these wind gusts... 123 m.p.h. that it's really rare! here is a closer look at the rain... a wave of rain comes in and picks up tomorrow night and into sunday morning. the chicago bears kickoff time is at around
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noon on sunday. let's enjoy the weather we have right now there is a fair amount of sunshine today. this is the 18th least snowy fourier in this state. we had a high of 45 degrees today. tonight it will be cloudy with a possibility of rain temperatures tonight will reach 30 degrees. in the daytime it tomorrow we will have some rain mixed the sun shine in that afternoon and temperatures will most likely reach fifties.
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we are looking at some windy conditions on sunday it could be a messy football game. see you guys later. >> time for today's trivia. what kind of cake must be made with out egg yolks?
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it is time for sports. the vikings have it released mcnabb. he is from chicago and has been
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mentioned as an option for the chicago bears in the past but no word on if the bears will try to claim him. that will depend on if they feel he's a better fate than mccown. patrick kane is done playing center for now he's moving back to win in will skate on the same line as towes. there was a big comeback in the second half fell with a big three-pointer. depaul actually went up in this game but lost in the 13 seconds of the game. the 70-68 is to the final period are rise in the league opener for uic at uw green bay.uic loosest
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71-68. that is a look at your sports today your lives illinois lottery drawing is the next. >> afternoon everyone... pick three- 2,54 pick four- 9,11,4
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$75 million is the mega millions jackpot by yourself a ticket and good luck!
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now... some big changes to wgn radio. myers is one of chicago's most popular morning show hosts. he had a 14 year run and will take over the wgn and show this wednesday december 7th.
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there are other changes at wgn radio that are rumored but have not been confirmed. this is big news on the radio scene in the chicago area.. >> will they change in the format that is the big question he must not be used to that. >> we will see. >> smart phone ipad and tablet
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users are starting to suffer from high tech injuries. increasing numbers of people are coming down with ailments like text neck and text thumb. health officials say the injuries are caused by long periods of time spent staring at small screens and it tapping it small keys over and over. they include enflamed attendance in the thumbs and strained next. experts advise people to switch to voice recognition software. women whose diets are rich with antioxidants are greatly reducing their chances of suffering a stroke. a new study looked at women who have a history of heart disease and those who don't the women are between the ages of 49 and 83 in
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it is time for a lunch break. levy owner of sarah's pastries and candies is back with us today what have you brought? look at this gift cake did you achieve all of this. >> it is all edible everything
12:50 pm
is edible flower all the way down to the bow. >> it has such detail it is it so explicit. i know your recipes are good. >> this is a great recipe to make at home and give out as a gift for the holidays. i like to cut this out so ladies easier to melt. \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \up so it is easier to melt. my grandmother used to put back on toast. >> there is some money things you can do with this it is great.
12:51 pm
>> the butter is melted. >> you can add everything else of the sugar, the water and salt. at first we are going to lead this blend together he did that to aboutand let it heat up. >> what if you do not warm and up to the correct temperature. >> it may get side eat or not " right that's why these thermometers are very important. we will then add the almonds. then we take our hands and just break it out. my mother love said the small pieces sometimes
12:52 pm
you might want the big pieces but once everything is broken up we then did it in chocolate and rowley and comments. >> they look so decorative. >> we are coating it with ominous so it is not \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \ \commealmonds. cover them right away you want to make sure the commons and the chocolatealmonds are on before the chocolate cartohardens.
12:53 pm
do you have other recipes in the cookbook? yes i will have all of the samples that the eve then there will be free samples. but now the tofee is all finished you want to give it a try?. >> yes i love that can you tell us about the event. >> yes i will have a baking
12:54 pm
demonstration in next week wednesday night at 6:00 p.m. at the mariano's fresh market.. >> this is a delicious thank you so much. to find this recipe go on to our website.
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12:56 pm
the answer to today's trivia question. the answer angel food cake. >> we think there is going to be some winds moving up winds will
12:57 pm
increase tomorrow. here is in the rain it will just be some showers it will not rain all day and there will be some some that during the afternoon. rain will start saturday night again and continued into sunday morning. the winds are not too bad today. the winds hit 123 m.p.h. yesterday and cover a 1,200 mi. area going through five states
12:58 pm
in putting hundreds of thousands of people out of electricity in the west. we will definitely have some colder weather next week. by tuesday the high temperature may be 29 degrees if that is true that may be the lowest temperature since february. winter is right around the corner i am afraid to say. have a great weekend everyone. >> we leave you with more music from the group workout music.
12:59 pm
have a great weekend everyone.


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